Thursday, February 03, 2005

On snappy answers to stupid questions

Okay, so Newsweek's Rod Nordland did a live chat on MSNBC yesterday to discuss the leadup to and results of the Iraqi elections. Some of the questioners seemed to have their stuff together, which is always a good thing; some seemed more intent on making their points than actually getting their questions answered, which is to be expected. Rod certainly seemed to have his stuff together. Read the whole thing, 'cause it's good reading, but do take note of the question that people keep asking and the best answer I've heard yet:
Dallas, TX: The pictures of voting Sunday in Iraq and the incredible turnout demonstrate the determined will of a courageous people. Even if President Bush was wrong in invading Iraq, doesn't the result make it all worth while?
Rod Nordland: It was indeed a very heartening occasion. Still, Bush didn't invade the country to bring it democracy. By that reasoning, we should also invade Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the UAE, etc., none of which have anything even remotely resembling democracy. No WMD, remember, which was one reason, and no al Qaeda, the other reason - until after we invaded. And Iraq now is the biggest producer of terrorists in the world, which it wasn't before.

... which barely topped this runner-up:
Hopatcong, NJ: Do you, Masland and Dickey mean "F---ing Murderers" when you say "insurgents" and "fighters" in your STUPIDITY? I've grown sick and tired of you "politically incorrect" reporters. Why don't you have the gumption to call a spade a spade?
Rod Nordland: OK, you're an idiot. How's that?

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