Friday, July 02, 2010

On a lighter note (Awesome Film Edition)

Or, Maybe They Shouldn't Have Put "Hex" in the Title?

Okay, so after the total downer of the last post, I thought I might throw in a little bit of a laugh. This is one of those bits that I squirreled away during The Interregnum. I mention this because when it was first pointed out to me a couple of weeks ago, the Rotten Tomatometer was at an exuberant 14 percent.

A few highlights:

You won't be blown away, but if it's your thing, you will be entertained.

says Gary Wolcott of the Tri-City Herald.

Jonah Hex is not a good movie. Not by a long shot... But that didn't stop me from having a hell of a lot of fun watching it.

says Kevin Carr of 7M Pictures.

I liked it so much, I really want to see the rest of it. It can't really be a 75 minute movie, right?

says Fred Topel of Can Magazine.

Not that anyone should confuse this with a good movie, but it features plenty of violence, plus Megan Fox in a corset. For action fans, that's entertainment.

says Daniel M. Kimmel of New England Movies Weekly.

Why is this significant? Because those are the good reviews. That is awesome. Awesome. Awe. Some.

Awesome. I'm seeing it. I'm serious--I'm totally seeing it, and if you're in the area, I encourage you to see it with me. There will be popcorn and soda and Junior Mints and plenty of comfy seating choices in the theatre.

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