Sunday, April 03, 2011

On Friday on Fallon on Friday (on Sunday)

Okay, so here's the backstory: Rebecca Black is a 14-year-old girl in California who's into music. A friend of hers told her about this vanity record label in LA, Rebecca thought it sounded cool, and her mom coughed up $4,000 to produce a music video. The song, "Friday," has since gotten millions of views on YouTube, and charming critiques have gotten thrown around using words like "the worst song ever."

First of all: Not the worst song ever. Hardly. Not in a world where "Yummy Yummy Yummy" went gold.

Second: It really is bad.

Third: The Jimmy Fallon video above is really funny, mostly because they brought in Stephen Colbert, Taylor Hicks, the Roots, and the New York Knicks dancers for their own (let's admitted, pretty crappy) performance to... mock a 14-year-old girl.

At the risk of outing myself as someone completely lacking in any sense of humor: Y'all, chick is 14. I don't know that she's even legally old enough to choose the front seat. (Are there laws about that kind of thing?) She was making the video for fun. When she was filming, I bet she was having the awesomest time ever--I mean, hell, I'd think it was awesome, and I'm 23. And now, she's getting bashed and parodied, and there are comments and tweets and Facebook pages telling her she should die, and seriously? Mocking dumb things is fun, don't get me wrong, but two grown men with nightly TV shows and millions of viewers getting together with dancers, pyros, and a guy who appeared to be dressed like a beekeeper for the purpose of making fun of a teenage girl? In this crazy day and age, you couldn't find any higher-hanging fruit? Fuck, y'all. (And I get to say "fuck," 'cause it's Sunday. Sunday, Sunday...)

Despite saying that some of the things people have said have made her CRY, YOU BIG ASSHOLES, Rebecca seems to be keeping a pretty good attitude about things. Her song is on iTunes, and she's donating the proceeds to disaster relief in Japan. And she's also reached out with a very important message about safe driving. Rock on, Rebecca. And if you don't think I'm gonna go straight to iTunes and buy her single... you're right, I'm not, because it's seriously kind of dumb. But I think it's cool that she made it, and I hope she had fun.

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