Friday, March 23, 2012

On the Good, the Bad, and the Friday Not-Even-Random Ten: I'm Back, No Seriously, This Time It's for Real edition

Okay, so I've become irrationally obsessed with The Hunger Games. I'd heard about it from here and there, and it was always somewhere toward the back of my reading list. When the first movie trailer came out, I found it intriguing and decided I definitely wanted to see the movie and should probably read the book first.

I loved it way too much. I'm saying I loved it more than is reasonable for a book that is solidly readable but not in any way spectacular. It's a good book, but not a great one such that I should be thusly fixated on it. No explanation. But this is all by way of saying that the movie is coming out today and I'm so inexplicably excited. The Boy teases me. He's probably teasing me right now.

What's good (for the indeterminate period ending 3/23/2012):

- Dirty Signs With Kristin, wherein Kristin teaches you to say things you probably shouldn't in American Sign Language. Today's lesson: how to sign "giant cock-topus."

- Firefighters doing their job like a boss.

There's a story behind this, and I could tell you, but I'm… not. (Totally feeling for the guy who has to pull up his dress while he's running. Strapless is a pain. I have to do that all the time.)

- Getting paid to do something you actually enjoy, not just something you tolerate doing because it pays the bills

- The Motorola Droid Bionic

What's bad:

- Mockingjay, the final book in the Hunger Games trilogy. Oh my god, Becky. It's really, really bad. I LOVE loved the first book, and I liked the second, and then the third one pooped on my sofa. My guess is that Suzanne Collins a) was kind of burnt out from writing so much, b) wasn't as comfortable working in the environment of the Capitol as she was in the arena and the districts, and c) maybe didn't plot the entire trilogy out as thoroughly as she'd thought and had to scramble a bit for an ending. Regardless, there's no good. My advice, for anyone new to the trilogy: Read The Hunger Games all the way through, read Catching Fire through the end of Chapter 26--DO NOT BEGIN CHAPTER 27--and then read Mockingjay from page 270 through the end. There will be some things that don't make a lot of sense in the end, and there will be some plot points that don't seem to have been resolved, but trust me: It's worth it.

- Belvedere vodka. You know what's funny? Date rape! Date rape is very funny. Some bitches won't give you a beejer without a fight, but at least ol' Belv always tastes great, right? Hilar! I don't generally drink that overpriced crap anyway--I tend to prefer the Goose, m'self--but I'm definitely not touching it now.


The Ten:

1. Dashboard Prophets, "Wearing Me Down"
2. Michelle Branch, "All You Wanted"
3. Ella Fitzgerald, "Rock It For Me"
4. Lady Gaga, "Bad Romance"
5. Diana Krall, "Besame Mucho"
6. Diana Krall, "I've Got You Under My Skin"
7. Yellowcard, "Everywhere"
8. Al Green, "Let's Stay Together"
9. Saliva, "Click Click Boom"
10. Jump, Little Children, "Come Around"

I know I've already mentioned this a few places, but I'm still stymied: What is up with all the Hunger Games--themed workouts that keep popping up? Because while the tributes were generally fit and all, it wasn't so much to look good in bathing suits as it was to avoid being violently murdered by other children on a sadistic dystopian reality TV show for the entertainment of the privileged masses. Or am I just reading too much into it? (That said, I'd love to learn to shoot a bow and arrow. I used to know someone who had a few…) Your thoughts, and your Ten, go in comments.

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B said...

I too am reading The Hunger Games. There's been way too much hype for me to leave it alone. I'm just finishing book 1. I hate hearing they're going to let me down come book 3 but will press on regardless.

Why oh why can I not get onto Feministe reliably? There are days I can and days I can't; any ideas? At least I was able to find your thoughts here, but I really wanted to see if "Blah" had returned for further education after what I read yesterday.