Friday, April 06, 2012

On the Good, the Bad, and the Friday Not-Even-Random Ten: I Feel Pretty edition

Okay, so for those of you (for instance, say, ZenBubba) who were wondering when I got back: Um, whenever. Not sure. March 23? We'll call it that. Sounds as good as anything else.

The good (for the two-week period ending 4/6/2012:

- Good Friday

- Good Fridays (the kind where your boss lets you out early on a sunny day)

- Hard-to-schedule interviews that, once scheduled, turn out stellar

- Cocaine shaped like shoes. (I mean, obviously cocaine is bad, but painstakingly crafting it into Manolo Blahniks to sneak it through airport security? That's at least got some class)

- Feeling inspired. Even gooder? Acting on that inspiration

The bad:

- This chick.

Throughout my adult life, I've regularly had bottles of bubbly or wine sent to my restaurant table by men I don't know. Once, a well-dressed chap bought my train ticket when I was standing behind him in the queue, while there was another occasion when a charming gentleman paid my fare as I stepped out of a cab in Paris.

While I'm no Elle Macpherson, I'm tall, slim, blonde and, so I'm often told, a good-looking woman. I know how lucky I am. But there are downsides to being pretty--the main one being that other women hate me for no other reason than my lovely looks.
Barf. And no comments on her physical appearance, please. She's not objectionable because she isn't as attractive as she thinks; she's objectionable because she's obnoxious. (Now, this guy, on the other hand…)

The Ten:

1. Carly Simon, "You're So Vain"
2. TLC, "Unpretty"
3. 311, "Beautiful Disaster"
4. Blossom Dearie, "Wait Till You See Her"
5. The Black Keys, "Grown So Ugly"
6. REM, "At My Most Beautiful"
7. Avril Lavigne, "Losing Grip"
8. Plain White T's, "Hate (I Don't Really Like You)"
9. Pet Shop Boys, "Jealousy"
10. Sixpence None the Richer, "There She Goes"

Compliments on my enduring beauty, and your Ten, go in comments.

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