Wednesday, November 16, 2005

On petty, vindictive little fun-fun-fun

Okay, so how did I miss this? Skippy the Bush Kangaroo has news about a Google bomb attack on Bill O'Reilly following his suggestion that al Qaeda blow up San Francisco.

Was it just the usual harmless stupidity that so freely flows from the gaping and profane maw of Bill O'Reilly? Sure it was. But I've never missed an opportunity to point out what a tool the man is, and I'm not about to start now. That's why I'm so utterly chuffed that he's finally recognized by Google as a terrorist sympathizer.

"A terrorist sympathizer?!" you say. Yes, a terrorist sympathizer.

The big question, of course, is why I feel the need to jump on the train now that the Google bomb has already effectively labeled O'Reilly as a terrorist sympathizer. And the answer is that he's making a list. Bill O'Reilly is making a list of all the blogs that have "launched a campaign to get [him] fired over [his] point of view." He calls them anti-military smear merchants and guttersnipes, and I want on that list. I want on that list. From the darkest depths of my soul, I want it.

I mean, I can't think of a great compliment than to be an official enemy of an inane, loudmouth, intolerant, blowhard, conceited, self-important falafelling terrorist sympathizer.

Update: What was I thinking? Must have been the medication. What I meant to say was, "Plesae, oh please, Mr. O'Reilly, leave me off your scary list. I'm begging you, Mr. O'Reilly, don't throw me in that briar patch."

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