Saturday, July 08, 2006

On world logic

Okay, so in light of North Korea's recent missile launches, President Bush has decided to take a tough line. Further acts of aggression will lead to a firm, multi-national come-to-Jesus:

"As you know, we want to solve all problems diplomatically. That's our first choice," he said.

So now, for those keeping score: Amass stockpiles of plutonium and fire multiple missiles toward and around enemy countries, get a good talking-to. Don't have weapons, don't sponsor terrorism, and be next door to a country that's actually successfully attacked the US, and your shit will get blown up.

Incidentally, don't miss the second half of the article, where the the leader of North Korea is identified as "Km Jonquil." Always remember: If you're going to write your stories by hand, make sure your editor can read your handwriting. Vldmr Pooting will thank you.

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