Friday, September 22, 2006

On intromissing... things into other... things

Okay, so Bleu Copas is officially the world's best sport ever. We first met him back in August, when his involvement in community theatre led to his dismissal from the Army on account of being gay (because obviously, the Army has no need for Arab crypto-linguists. No. Noooo. Thanks and all, but we're all set).

Well, now poor Mr. Copas has had the good graces to put up with... The Daily Show interview.

Anyone not interested in seeing Jason Jones prancing around in nothing but his graying tighty-whities need not click until lunch is fairly well digested. But do watch it sooner than later, if only for the enlightening segment on the danger of rectal intromission.

Poor, poor Bleu Copas. He just can't buy a break. Who loves ya, Bleu? Practically Harmless does.

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