Friday, September 28, 2007

On a tempting offer...

Okay, so in the interest of expedience, I'll no longer be responding individually to e-mails regarding the iBook I've listed on Craigslist. It appears that one blanket open letter will suffice. Thus:

Dear interested party,

Thank you for your interest in my iBook. Yes, it's still available, and it's in excellent condition, as listed in the ad.

I'm so sorry to learn of your hearing impairment, which prevents us from communicating over the phone. That's a real shame. I'm also sorry to learn that you're located so very far away from me; I'm not sure how you found my Birmingham ad all the way in Texas/California/Germany, but I guess you must really want a laptop.

Unfortunately, I won't be able to accept a money order for the price of the laptop, plus shipping costs, plus a little something extra. I also won't be able to deal with your escrow agent or your shipping agent. I absolutely will not be able to deposit your money order and then wire you back the extra money you inexplicably added. This is because I'm not an idiot.

I hope your cellmate is a pleasant individual.


Best of luck finding someone to fall for your scam,

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