Thursday, August 19, 2010

On the Morning Denouncements

Okay, so in the White House press room...

“... the most recent priest scandals in Boston and Chicago, and the hostage situation at that bank in Reno. This being the first Monday of the month, of course I’ll renew my denunciation of the Inquisition and of Timothy McVeigh. I’d also like to take a minute--if I may--to give a shout-out to former parishioner Daniel Munroe on his birthday. Daniel is currently serving time in Allenwood for aggravated assault, which of course we also denounce.”

A smattering of applause.

“Thank you, Father Bailey. And next we have... Rabbi Berman?”

“Thank you. Good morning, everyone. It’s always nice to see such a great crowd out on a rainy day. On behalf of the First Reform Congregation of Hoboken, I’d like to denounce the following deplorable acts by our fellow Jews for the week ending September 3. Locally, Jacob Levy stole a box of Raspberry Zingers from a convenience store and Mark Rothman assaulted a homeless man outside of a bar early Saturday morning. Nationally, we’d like to denounce Rebecca Weinberg’s role in that cheating scandal at Princeton and her recent attempt to publish a plagiarized young-adult novel, and we’d like to denounce Jon Stewart’s recent interview with that guy who wrote that book, because he was unnecessarily mean and that just didn't seem appropriate. As always, we’d like to denounce Adam Sandler. And that’s really it for denunciations this week. Quiet week.”


“Thank you, Rabbi Berman. Next up is Imam Haddad.”

“Haddad isn’t here today. Ramadan.”

“Oh, that’s right.”

“Priestess Moonstone said she’ll read his denunciations when she does her own.”

“Oh, well that’s nice of her. Then that brings us to... Brother Kosal.”

“Thank you.”

“Keep it short this time?”

“Yes. Still sorry about that. On behalf of the community of the Mahayana Buddhavihara Temple of Greater Akron, I’d like to denounce the following deplorable acts by our fellow Buddhists for the week ending September 3...”

Peaceful Wiccas pls refudiate.

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