Monday, April 18, 2005

On busyness (and, okay, laziness)

Okay, so I've only just now returned from my fa-ha-ha-ha-hantastic long weekend at the beach, and (alas) work calls, so to tide you over until my next update, a Monday blog roundup:

-Basket Full of Puppies gives us a tale of love, loss, and kidnapped puppies dyed purple;

-Daily Kos offers Tom Tomorrow's take on the (dum dum daaaaaah) Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy (VLWC);

-Eschaton (that's Atrios, folks) reminds us exactly how hard it really is to be a conservative;

-The Regular Staple provides a useful transcript of Rummy's recent press conference in Afghanistan;

-TBogg shares the usual oafishness from Doug Giles, and as an Atlantan, I can only hope Douggie isn't actually eating any of the catfish he catches in the Chattahoochee;

- And on a completely non-funny note, Hey Jenny Slater questions the devotion of chickenhawk right-wing bloggers to the best interests of our military men and women.


Oh, and confidential to EngineGirl: you go, girl. You go.

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