Friday, May 13, 2005

Okay, so any non-comatose individual knows that the White House and the Capitol were evacuated Wednesday as a meandering Cessna violated protected airspace and was escorted away safely by two fighter jets. The only person who didn't know, in fact, was the President himself, who was merrily riding his bicycle through Maryland, blissfully unaware that his wife was, at that very moment, being rushed to a secure location lest aircraft fall on her head.

Now, I'm not going to judge here, because everyone knows I'm all about cardiovascular fitness. But a recent
press gaggle
did put Scott "Rainman" McClellan in the hot seat regarding a few inconsistencies. You should read the whole thing, if only to watch Scotty cram the word "protocol" in there a staggering fifteen times, but it can really be summed up with one final question:

Q: Right, but there seems to be so many disconnects here. You've got a plane that was assessed as not being a threat, you've got 35,000 people evacuated, you've got a person who you claim is a hands-on commander in chief who is left to go ride his bicycle through the rural wildlands of Maryland while his wife is in some secure location somewhere, it's just not adding up.

Because if our president is forced to get off of his bicycles, the terrorists have won.

Much thanks so TBogg for the link.

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