Thursday, May 26, 2005

On a little bit of Thursday levity

Okay, so we're not all hard work here at Practically Harmless. We know how to kick back and have a good time, especially if it's at someone else's expense. That's why when all else fails, th reader mail at is always good for a laugh.

Any perceptive person just picked up on the fact that the actual White House web site is .gov, and the pornographic version is .com. This one is just a good old parody website that features headlines like "Scott McClellan Directs Newsweek Magazine to Immediately Cease and Desist Infringing President Bush's Patent for the Mass Enragement of Muslamian Wackos " and the First Lady's Iron Hymen abstinence initiative. With articles like that, it would be impossible to mistake for the real thing.



DATE = 05/16/2005
SUBJECT = An idea
MESSAGE = Maybe the president could issue a statement to reporters that the Koran flushed down the toilet at Guantanemo was a terrorist Koran and not the regular Christian Koran. That should make things right with the Afghans and end the recent violence.

Double sigh...
DATE = 05/07/2005
SUBJECT = Dear President 43 Our armory in the city of Tonawanda NY was sold to a Muslim.
MESSAGE = Dear President 43 Our armory in the city of Tonawanda NY was sold to a Muslim... I would like you to know that I realize we are not to be preg. towards others....... but, this is our armory... And, I want you to know that in light of what is going on... I want you to realize that it is frightening it just is... across the street is a convenience store and a family of Muslims... just please know they bought a civil war armory our armory and it scars me still if I told U before... just the thought hurts my stomach... please help on this matter... maybe U can take in back in home land security name... it's on Delaware St. ave... Tonawanda NY 14150... coming from buffalo on the right.... sigh...


Tonawanda, NY...

Sniff, sob...
DATE = 04/29/2005
SUBJECT = question
MESSAGE = Mr. President, I'm just an average citizen but I do have concerns. Why is it not possible to just start from zero in our financial crisis??? we can print them money pay our debt and start from zero.when the first government was I guessed formed way back yonder,they started from zero. why couldn't we do that?? Is it not possible to do that, Restart it all

Cough, choke...
DATE = 02/20/2005
MESSAGE = Dear George W. Bush,
I Believe Un Born Again Christians And UnBelievers And Children Of Devil And Sons Of Devil Should Be Stop Going To CHURCH. I Believe Believers And Born Again Christians And Children Of God And Sons Of God Should Be Only Be Going To CHURCH. I Testifiy To You To Have GOVERNMENT Have Un Born Again Christians That Have No Come To SALVATION Being Baptized In Water Should Stop Going To CHURCH.

And my very own favorite:
DATE = 12/18/2004
SUBJECT = you're website
MESSAGE = i have reported you to the federal building of Investigation.

Kinda makes you wonder what kind of e-mail they're getting over at whit

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