Friday, July 15, 2005

On Random Ten omens

Okay, so when we were at UGA (Doug went from '95-'99; I went from '99 to '03), my brother and I had this superstition about the drive from Athens to Columbus. The drive down I-85 takes you right under the flightline for the Atlanta airport, and the idea was that if a plane landed on you on your way home, it's a good omen, and the weekend is going to rock.

Josh over at Martians Attacking Indianapolis (man, I love that name) has a different theory. He looks to his Friday iPod Random Ten to see how his weekend is going to go. I'm going to be heading down to Columbus this evening for some quality time with family and friends; what does my Random Ten predict for my weekend?

1. Carmen Consoli, "Fino all'ultimo"
2. Etta James, "The Very Thought Of You"
3. Ella Fitzgerald, "Slow Boat To China"
4. Madonna, "Remember"
5. Worldscapes, "C'est Si Bon"
6. Abbey Lincoln, "A Part Of Me (There Are Such Things)"
7. Johhny Cash, "I Still Miss Someone"
8. The Rivieras, "California Sun"
9. Otis Redding, "Try A Little Tenderness"
10. Evanescence, "Lies"

Not so bad, actually. Some nice, easy jazz (Etta and Ella), liking the sound of things being bon, some sunshine, a little tenderness, and... lies? Lies.

Maybe a plane will land on me on my way down to Columbus.

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