Friday, October 14, 2005

On Friday Random Ten

Okay, so so I was listening to the first song below and thinking about how much better lyrics were back before I was born. I mean, here I am slogging through the lyrical majesty of "outrageous, when I move my body / outrageous, when I'm at a party" and "ride it, my pony," while in 1968, my mother was getting
You think that I don't feel love
but what I feel for you is real love
In other's eyes I see reflected
a hurt, scorned, rejected
Love Child"

This love we're contemplatin'
is worth the pain of waitin'
We'll only end up hatin'
the child we may be creatin'

I mean, when did artists forget about internal rhyme and multisyllabic words? Not to be That Girl with the disdain for popular culture, but come on - all of you artists who claim Motown as their musical inspiration need to step up and start writing some clever lyrics.

Of course, I then realized that Diana was sharing the charts in 1968 with
Yummy yummy yummy I've got love in my tummy
and I feel like a-loving you

and suddenly I find myself thinking, "Well, okay, Outkast is cool."

1. Diana Ross & The Supremes, "Love Child"
2. Nickel Creek, "Robin & Marian"
3. Busta Rhymes, "Gimme Some More"
4. Sarah Brightman, "Deliver Me"
5. Coldplay, "Spies"
6. Billie Holiday, "It Had To Be You"
7. Elvis, "It's Now Or Never"
8. Queen, "Don't Stop Me Now"
9. The Cranberries, "Dreams"
10. Mono, "Silicone"

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