Tuesday, December 20, 2005

On people who simply aren't that lucky

Okay, so I love to check my referrers and see exactly how people are finding their way to my little page. For some reason, there's been an awful lot of interest in the Titanic picture I linked to a few months back, especially from people in, like, Denmark. And Iran. But mostly Denmark and Sweden and Germany, because apparently northern Europeans think a sodden Kate Winslet is teh hot, or something.

Anyway, the fun referrer of the day was an MSN search for "did clinton spy."

You wish you were that lucky, Grasper of Straws in Omaha. You do. It would be so nice for you to be able to point at the evil Clenis and shout, "Well, he totally did it too! Clinton spied, too!" It would be so much easier for you if, instead of having to defend your guy against allegations of serious, serious wrongdoing, you could just point the finger at our guy.

But Clinton didn't spy on American citizens, GoSiN. He didn't because it was wrong. The guy couldn't manage to grasp the concept of keeping it zipped in the workplace, but he still managed to not violate the civil liberties of Americans and then go on TV with the defense that hey, I'm the president and I should be able to do anything I want.

Most of the Republicans I've talked to in the past few months have had a solid head on their shoulders, so I didn't expect to have to give this advice, but I'm gonna anyway: don't go trying to deflect the blame here. Don't try to deny, don't try to distract, and for God's sake don't try to justify. We've got a president who is off the freaking reservation, and as the party in charge of the executive branch and both chambers of the legislature, you have the unenviable task of bringing him back in. Sorry, y'all; with great power comes great responsibility.

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