Wednesday, January 25, 2006

On the lighter side of politics

Okay, so now a little bit of lighthearted Wednesday humor, courtesy of Bill in Portland Maine and his Cheers and Jeers:

From Calvin Trillin, the "Deadline Poet" at The Nation:
George W. Bush Explains the 'Signing Statement' Issued When He Signed John McCain's Anti-Torture Amendment Into Law

Since I'm the one in charge in war,
I'll do what I have done before
If it's consistent with my duties.
Is that an out? You bet your booties.
The boss is boss; he can't be bossed.
I signed, but with my fingers crossed.

We do not torture, never will.
So why did we oppose John's bill?
Don't ask, unless you'd like this plan:
Rendition to Uzbekistan.
McCain won't win. We haven't lost.
I signed, but with my fingers crossed.

And one more:
"Osama bin Laden released his first new audiotaped message in over a year. While there is some new material in the message, insiders say it's mostly a Greatest Threats collection. A White House spokesman says they plan to check out the message in its entirety, but they're too busy listening to your phone calls."
---Tina Fey

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