Monday, January 29, 2007

On pickle's chance to shine

Twinkle, baby! Twinkle!

Okay, so I've heard this argument so much that I just had to follow up:
"We send people to jail for killing cats but not the unborn. ... Abortion is legal homicide."

inapickle | 01.29.07 - 4:35 pm | #

'K. So here's the question for all of you anti-choicers out there: What do you think is an appropriate sentence for a woman who gets an abortion?

I'll even help you out. The 2006 Federal Sentencing Guidelines suggest the following:

- Premeditated killing: life imprisonment or death
- Conspiracy or solicitation to commit murder: 11-14 years
- Conspiracy/solicitation wherein money changes hands: 17-22 years
- Conspiracy/solicitation resulting in the death of the victim: life imprisonment or death

And, at the discretion of the judge, as many as two years can be knocked off the sentence if the woman is willing to take responsibility for the crime and participate in her own conviction.

So again with the question: What is the appropriate sentence for a woman who gets an abortion?

Your answers go in comments.

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