Friday, March 23, 2007

On Friday Random Ten: Unintentional Superhero Hilarity Edition

Okay, so we've been over some pretty heavy stuff in the past couple of weeks. Executive abuse of power, interminable war, homophobia, misogyny, rape. What's the perfect antidote to all of that serious crap? Josh over at Martians Attacking Indianapolis (which is, as I've mentioned, the bestest blog name evah) shows us that it's unintentionally funny panels from old-timey comic books. Because really, nothing soothes the soul like memories of bygone days when Gotham trembled in fear at the Joker's boner.

The Ten:

1. Liz Phair, "Supernova"
2. Saliva, "Superstar"
3. Joss Stone, "Super Duper Love"
4. REM, "Superman"
5. Jill Sobule, "Supermodel" (hey, why not?)
6. Rick James, "Super Freak"
7. Curtis Mayfield, "Superfly"
8. Massive Attack, "Superpredators"
9. The Wombles, "Superwomble"
10. Black Masses, "Wonderful Person"

Your Ten, super or no, goes in comments.

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