Thursday, March 01, 2007

On hunting brown people to raise brown people awareness

Okay, so as the debate over illegal immigration rages, the NYU College Republicans have one message to send: We care.
A game called “Catch the Illegal Immigrant” staged on New York University’s campus by a student Republican group drew several hundred students yesterday. But most came to protest the game, not to play it.

Under the game’s rules, according to one student Republican, players were to search on campus for the student chosen to wear a name tag saying “illegal immigrant.” The winner received a small reward.


The College Republicans said their aim was not to offend, but rather to draw awareness to the issues.

“We knew something like this would get people on the street,” said David Laska, a member of the College Republicans board, adding that events featuring speakers and debates did not draw the turnout that yesterday’s event attracted.

“I’d rather have people motivated against us than sanguine,” added Mr. Laska, who described himself as “the grandchild of four legal immigrants.” He said that the event might have been “politically incorrect,” but that it was not racist.

See? They're just trying to get the word out! They're really concerned about the plight, not just of Americans, but of the illegal immigrants themselves. As NYUCR campaign and intern chair David Laska put it,
When someone comes to this country illegally, and their labor is being exploited, because they're not eligible to earn minimum wage, and - We have illegal immigrants who are living in fear of going to the police when they're wronged, living in fear of going to a medical clinic when they're sick, living in fear of taking advantage of any of the social amenities in this country, because they're afraid of being deported - That's bad for the immigrant. That's not just bad for the country, that's bad for the illegal immigrant. When you try to tell these people that, they'll look at you and they'll say, "Oh, you don't actually think that. You're a Republican, you're racist, you're fascist, you don't care about anybody who's not rich and white." The point is, it's a satire, it's hyperbole, it's ruffling feathers to get people out here and thinking about it.

See? The protesters don't care about illegal immigrants! They just hate Republicans! The College Republicans, though, they care, and that's why they're trying to start a dialogue. Via an illegal-immigrant hunt. Because illegal immigration hurts everyone, people. And that's why it's important, out of concern for illegal immigrants, to reduce them to the status of prey to be hunted by ersatz-Minutemen in exchange for the ultimate prize of a gift card from Dean & Deluca. It's out of respect.

Illegal Messicans: We marginalize them because we care.

(H/T No More Mister Nice Blog.)

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