Friday, February 22, 2008

On the good, the bad, and the Friday Random Ten

Okay, so in the interest of my continuing education, I've decided to dive right into my list with both feet. To that end, I've started... well, okay, listening to French cabaret jazz is about it. So more dipping a couple of toesies than actually diving at all. But toes are important. They're going to have to get wet eventually. And I can already do a pretty sweet rendition of Carla Bruni's "Le Plus Beau du Quartier."

What's good (for the week ending 2/22):

- Nutter Butter cookies
- The Prestige. I picked this up on my last Costco run, sight unseen, because I knew it couldn't suck. And it delivered. I was much pleased. And of the following, whose baby would I be willing to have? a) Hugh Jackman, b) Christian Bale, or c) Scarlett Johansson? The answer is actually d) any of the above. Fooled you there. That was, what, the "turn"? I think that was the turn.
- the end of the writers strike. I miss my 30 Rock, and I hate -- HATE -- reality TV.
- Natalie Portman. Can I somehow be her when I grow up? Can that be arranged?
- rain. Even when I don't happen to have an umbrella handy, the fact that 37 percent of the state is still under extreme drought conditions means that rain is a good thing.

What's bad:

- a return to civil-rights-era voter suppression tactics. Two voting machines parked miles away from where any particularly tan voter could easily get to them? Stealthy.
- evil sentient robots

The Ten:

1. Paul Oakenfold, "Hypnotized"
2. Kraftwerk, "The Telephone Call"
3. Ella Fitzgerald, "This Time the Dream's On Me"
4. Diana Krall, "Pick Yourself Up"
5. Frank Sinatra, "All Of Me"
6. Arlington Priest, "This Is For Melody"
7. Diana Krall, "Popsicle Toes"
8. Kay Starr, "Nevertheless (I'm In Love With You)"
9. 311, "Livin' & Rockin'"
10. Pet Shop Boys, "Forever In Love"

If we're going by Josh's theory that one's Random Ten can predict the success of one's weekend, I know exactly what this (inexplicably jazz-heavy) Ten means for me. And I'm not telling. So there.

But it's good.

What's good for you this week?

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