Sunday, September 12, 2004

On Redskins 16, Buccaneers 10

Okay, so newcomers to Redskins football might not realize that this score represents a fantastic accomplishment for your own Washington Redskins. This is a team that went 5-11 in the 2003 regular season, a team that couldn't convert on the third down if you had a gun to their mamas' heads, a team that couldn't get it into the end zone if a naked Charlize Theron was perched on the goalposts. Don't get me wrong, these are my boys. They're just not boys I'm going to bet money on. Or they weren't, anyway. Now, we've got Clinton Portis running it back 64 yards for a touchdown in the first series. And a nice, comfortable win in the end.

What changed? Steve Spurrier took a damn hike, for starters. Uppity punk thought he could coach pro ball. Get your lip-flapping ass back to Florida, Steve-o. Joe Gibbs is back, and it's time to play some damn football.

Welcome back, Joe.

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