Thursday, September 02, 2004

On Zell

Okay, so GWBWYPGN?! has an open letter to Zell Miller in response to his speech last night at the RNC, and it's a really, really good letter. Doug really has more of a personal bone to pick; he and Zell have a history. But I can add a bit of my own perspective, just as a Democrat and a Georgian, and will do so... now.

Zell Miller can go right to hell. I'm not going to try to debunk every single asinine statement he made in his ridiculous speech because, let's face it, not a one of them has any basis in actual fact. When has a Democrat proposed that we turn control of our foreign policy over to the United Nations? When has a Democrat said that our military are occupiers and not liberators? What the hell is up with the whole "spitballs" thing (which, by the way, was just about middle-school enough for me to roll my eyes without barfing). It's all ridiculous, written for an audience of ridiculous people. There's no arguing against it because it's just ridiculous. You can't argue the color of the sky with someone who insists that the sky doesn't exist; such a person has no basis in reality. Kind of like Zell.

People call Zell Miller a turncoat and a traitor to the Democratic Party; I don't. I call him a Republican. I call him a Republican because I don't want him. I'm not offended or hurt by what he says because a) I know that he has no basis in reality and b) he's not one of mine. All I ask is that he stop throwing the name "Democrat" around like it still applies to him. As soon as he stops pretending to be one of us, which he obviously, obviously is not, and it's ridiculous to keep saying that he is, I won't care what he says, because it'll just be another Republican being ridiculous like Republicans so frequently are. But he needs to cut loose this whole idea that people will think that even Democrats are turning against John Kerry - it's not fooling anyone, and it just makes him look like the asshole that he really is.

Update: Also from Doug (who posted from his home computer on his lunch hour, y'all) comes this little gem, which Doug so charmingly describes as "Zell flipped the f$#! out on 'Hardball,' getting so enraged at Chris Matthews that he effectively challenged Matthews to a duel." Check it out, and also check out Doug's comments regarding Zell and Alzheimer's - it's almost enough to make you feel sorry for the man. Actually, it might be enough. But it's a close call.

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