Wednesday, March 09, 2005

On caving to peer pressure

Okay, so I got an e-mail today from our friend Doug of the late, not bad GWBWYPGN?! He has the following to say:
Now link my new blog before I come over to Buckhead and slap you.

I want it to be known that we here at Practically Harmless do not respond to threats, and that I'd link to him anyway, 'cause he gave me this cute little model of a red and black Mini Cooper for my birthday. He personalized the license plate and everything.

Anyway, be sure to bookmark his new not-entirely political blog at It turns out that Doug can be funny even when he's not talking about politics. Oh, and dig the pictures of his new puppy, 'cause they don't come any cuter than that. No, they don't. No, they don't. Yes, you're the cutest-wutest little puppy-wuppy... Ahem.

As you were.

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