Tuesday, March 01, 2005

On the end of an era

Okay, so as much as I hate to say it, it's time for us all to bid a fond adieu to George W. Bush, Would You Please Go Now?! I seriously do hate to see him go - not just because he's funny (I happen to be related to the dude, so I can get the snark at home), and not just because I gank his material all the time (there are other, not nearly as funny blogs that have just as much news and commentary), and not because most of my traffic comes from his links (come on, people, isn't it about time to throw a girl some blogroll love?). I hate to see him go because the world benefits from the folks who are absolutely passionate about... something. GWBWYPGN?! ranges from the snarky to the wholly profane, frequently insulting, always with feeling, and while sometimes he does more harm than good with his approach, it's good to be reminded that, in this day when it seems like the entire world is going to hell in the same handbasket, some things are still worth getting excited about.

Anyway, RIP, GWBWYPGN?! We hardly knew ye. It's good to know that Doug will be coming back, eventually, in all of his snarky goodness, with a slightly broader target. Until then, Practically Harmless isn't going anywhere, at least as long as I can continue to find superior blogs to rob of their content.

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