Thursday, March 31, 2005

On stupid, stupid, stupid people driving

Okay, so it's raining like a mofe here in beautiful Atlanta. I happen to love mofe-like rainy days, as long as I get to be inside a sturdy building, looking out. Of course, getting from one sturdy building to the next often requires driving, and that's how I found myself just about plastered against the side of a Flowers truck by a gold Kia.

No actual contact was made, and thus no damage - the car got really close, I cursed in a very unladylike manner, and my car peed herself in fear. But the encounter made me wonder about Kia drivers and the fact that, to a one, they drive like Lizzie-Grubman-meets-Mark-Martin-meets-Ozzy-Osbourne-on-a-bender.

Expound? Why not.

On a sunny, lovely day in February, I found myself tooling along toward Decatur, top down and wind in my hair, toward Decatur in search of buffalo chicken quesadillas at the U Joint. Suddenly and without warning, the asshat in the right lane decides to defy the laws of physics by occupying the same space that I'm occupying at the same time, to the tune of a big ol' dent along my passenger side and (eventually) more than $4,000 in auto repair. All of that wouldn't have been such a hassle if the dude had actually had car insurance, but since he didn't, I got to deal with the fun of coaxing my insurance company into classifying it as an uninsured driver claim, getting me a rental, fixing my car, etc. etc. The guy, though, had more problems than just my car damage; he also had an expired tag and and an invalid driver's license. Oh, and he was deaf, which isn't illegal but seems kind of unsafe where driving is concerned; if you're going to drive around uninsured, you'll want all five senses available and alert just in case you decide to change lanes into the side of an unsuspecting Cabrio.

Anyway, dude was driving a Kia.

So here's my question: do bad drivers tend to pick Kias, or do Kias make people bad drivers? Are Kias built so that they're hard to turn and harder to stop and covered in blind spots? Or does the DMV just issue you a Kia after your fourth car accident? Speak up, Kia drivers. At the very least, let me know how to avoid you.

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