Friday, September 02, 2005

On Friday Random Ten

Okay, so I have found the ultimate happiness.

Now, I have never been a particularly maternal person. It was only in the past year that actually decided to have kids after all. What happened in that year? Joslyn happened.

Joslyn, my coworker Holly's adorable little girl, is two feet tall, has light brown hair in a little Dorothy Hamill cut, and is four days shy of one year old. Her only word so far is "Uh-oh," which she finds applicable to all circumstances. Any music at all, be it a commercial jingle or a children's song or a cell phone ringtone, makes her drop it like it's hot. And today, she threw one of those little squishy stress balls to me, and I rolled it back to her, and it hit the bottom of her foot, and she lost her shit. She laughed and laughed like I was Dave Chappelle and she was the drunk chick in the front row. And then she said, "Uh-oh!" and threw the ball back to me, and I rolled it, and it hit her foot, and for whatever reason it was even funnier than the first time.

I am convinced that nothing in my life will ever be as satisfying or fulfilling as making that baby laugh. It's a new and interesting development in my life.

On to the ten:

1. J.S. Bach, "Goldberg Variations: Var. 13"
2. Norah Jones, "The Long Day Is Over"
3. Lenny Kravitz, "Dig In"
4. Franz Schubert (Luciano Pavarotti), "Ave Maria"
5. Mono, "Disney Town"
6. Jem, "They"
7. Kaiser Chiefs, "I Predict A Riot"
8. Eagle Eye Cherry, "Permanent Tears"
9. Oasis, "Fucking In The Bushes"
10. Tears For Fears, "Shout"

I fully intend to do that thing from Pandagon where you review the music from your graduation year, but it's going to take a minute. See, this midget-looking kid just wandered into my office and threw a stress ball at my feet and grinned and said, "Uh-oh..."

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