Thursday, July 26, 2007

On greed and comeuppance

Okay, so as unimpressed as I continue to be with the iPhone (although I still think it's a cool concept), this just gave me a chuckle (a rueful chuckle, sure, but a chuckle just the same).

Yes, the charming lady in pink came to the AT&T store with $16,000 cash and a plan: roll up 15 minutes before the store opens, buy the head spot in line, and walk out of the store with $100,000 worth of iPhones to sell on eBay. Sure enough, she bought the first spot in line away from a kid (who'd been waiting for twelve hours) for $800, was first through the door as soon as the gates rolled up...

... and learned that Apple had instituted a strict one-phone-per-customer policy.

The kid, who made it into the store and bought a phone despite no longer being first in line, got a free phone out of the $800 deal, as well as a full package of iPhone accessories. The news report didn't mention whether or not The Charming Lady in Pink bothered to buy her one allotted phone. I guess she didn't hang around for another interview.

Feministe identifies this as "what is wrong with America," and while I agree, I also have to argue that it's what is oh, so right.

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