Thursday, July 19, 2007

On why my life is better than yours

Stay classy, Atlanta.

Okay, so yesterday, I put on a low-cut top and teased up my hair and hauled ass across two states to see Richard Cheese and Lounge Against the Machine's "Drinkchronicty" Farewell Tour at the Roxy in Atlanta. I expected it to be awesome. My expectations were met and exceeded, and now I have to figure out what comes after "awesome," because my vocabulary proves insufficient. Suggestions go in comments.

The fuzzy cell phone picture above is the clearest shot I was able to get because cell phone cameras don't focus too well up close. The first thing Dick did when he got onstage was to rearrange the crowd, shuffling the guys to the back and moving the women forward so as to create an unbroken line of breasts across the foot of the stage. As a result, I spent the entire concert literally close enough to reach up and grab his tuxedoed crotch. I didn't; others did.

But outside of the obvious comedy inherent in the act itself (the musical act, not the act of groping Richard Cheese, although that was kind of funny too), the evening was awesome because the music was good. The musicians were all really, really talented (and the current Frank Feta is a hottie-hot-hottie; it's hard to tell from pictures), the arrangements were catchy, and Dick's voice is really pleasant to listen to, whether or not he's singing about wanting to fuck you like/with an animal. Had I not had to haul reverse ass immediately after the show in order to make it to work this morning, I would have loved hanging out with them at Dante's afterward. And I swear I wouldn't have gone home with Frank Feta.

I'm pretty sure. Like, ninety percent.

Maybe eighty.

And that's why my life is better than yours.

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