Thursday, August 04, 2005

On Friday Random Ten - 'cept, you know, Thursday

Okay, so I figure it's better a day early than four days late. I'm heading out of town this weekend early-early tomorrow morning, and if you think I'm getting up extra early-early just to get my Random Ten posted, you're crazy. Just crazy enough, in fact, to be a regular reader of Practically Harmless. Mazel.

1. Shakira, "Underneath Your Clothes"
2. Dido, "Here With Me (remix)"
3. Frederic Chopin, "Nocturne No. 20 in C sharp minor"
4. Chris Brann, "Slo Motion"
5. Sarah Brightman, "Deliver Me"
6. Evanescence, "Solitude"
7. Serge Gainsbourg, "L'eau a la Bouche"
8. Diana Krall, "I Remember You"
9. Dave Matthews Band, "Proudest Monkey"
10. Blossom Dearie, "'Deed I Do."

I don't know what that says about my upcoming weekend, but that first song sounds promising.

And finally, to tide you over until my triumphant and sunburned and probably hungover return Monday night:

"Do you know how fast you were going?" the police officer asked, incredulous.
"No," Heisenberg replied, "but I know exactly where I am!"

I am such a geek.

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