Thursday, February 23, 2006

On incidental association

Okay, so if I may take a moment for some administrative... administration: Checking my referral log as I so frequently and narcissistically do, I found that I've been linked by a blog called Global Terrorist Go Back. It says it is "the space to provide the links of the blogs that are being put up opposing the GlobalTerrorist's visit to India," and has on its blogroll (among others) me, both Doug's old and new blogs, Benji's blog, and a lot of the blogs on my blogroll.

I really hate to harsh this guy's (girl's?) buzz, but I do feel the need to make it clear: I'm not associated with his program. I wasn't consulted before being added to his blogroll, and I've sent him an e-mail asking that I be removed. Obviously, anyone is welcome to link me, and I appreciate the appreciation (and the traffic). But I don't want people getting the idea that what he's doing is what I stand for.

Because you know what? I don't hate Bush. Contrary to popular opinion, most Dems I know don't. Hate is counterproductive, and it's bad for the soul (and the complexion; I get all flushed and blotchy). I oppose most of his foreign policy and much of his domestic policy, and to be honest, if you asked me to name a policy of his that I do support, it would take me a minute. But the way to fix that isn't to protest Bush, The Man; it's to protest his policies, fight government corruption, and using the resources available to us, our lobbyists and representatives and elected officials, work to put a more responsible administration in power in 2008. It is that, and not rising up and calling him a "Global Terrorist," that (in my opinion) will help influence the changes that need to be made in our government.

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