Tuesday, May 16, 2006

On things that, unsurprisingly, continue to fall

Okay, so we were all disappointed (in the sense of being not terribly surprised and, for that matter, not terribly disappointed) when President Bush spoiled our gamble-y fun by dropping to a 29 percent approval rating mere days after the launch of a betting pool that didn't have him doing that for another week.

Well, screw that. Per the suggestion of Bill-once-but-no-longer-in-Johnson-City's suggestion, we're shifting the target from a sub-30 percent approval to the Nixonian low of 27 percent (you're right, Bill, that's a really satisfying word. "Nixonian." Love it).

Doug has called May 22, and Brian has taken what appears to be the safe road and gone for this Thursday, May 18. Bill's down for May 19. Feel free to stick with your old guess or leave a new one in comments, and I swear that if Bush hits 27 before tomorrow afternoon, there will be much drinking in the Practically Harmless household.

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