Tuesday, June 06, 2006

On the way things are

Okay, so some of you may have noticed that I've been posting less frequently (and those of you who haven't noticed, shame on you!). You may think that this is because I've just stopped caring, and, to some extent, you'd be right.

So here's the deal: I was recently given the option of strangling my editor with a lamp cord, rolling her body up in an area rug, duct taping the whole thing and pitching it into the woods somewhere just off of I-85. I instead chose option (b), in which I quit my job and strike out on my own as a freelancer. I've had more success at this than I expected, seeing as how my expectations involved a sleeping bag under the overpass at the Grady Curve, but, to quote Angelina Jolie in Gone in Sixty Seconds, I've discovered that you have to work twice as hard when it's honest.

And that's basically what I've been up to, and the combined jobs of doing work and looking for work leave little time for hittin' the blogs. But rest assured that I'm still trying to do it all; that I do care deeply about, like, political stuff, when I actually have the opportunity to know about it; and that my opinions tend to be unresearched and pulled-from-my-ass enough that my lack of time shouldn't really affect the quality of my work.

If I've missed something that you think I shouldn't miss, let me know. And if you know of anyone in need of a marginally talented and occasionally reliable freelance writer, sure as hell let me know. And if you know of anyone, particularly a rich and elderly anyone, looking for a trophy wife to coddle, spoil and endow with an endless supply of shoes... Well, you get the idea.

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