Thursday, June 22, 2006

On yet another arbitrary milestone

Okay, so in the quote-excitement-unquote of my second blogiversary, another milestone has almost been overlooked. At some point this afternoon, Practically Harmless turned over 20,000 views. The lucky 20,000th visitor came to us from Ballysmuttan, Ireland, during a search for the waterlogged-Kate-Winslet picture I linked to once, stayed all of nineteen seconds, and then buggered off, clever man.

The Irish Titanic Googler joins the ranks of the UofT Inappropriate Smile Googler (15,000) and Commenter Tami (1,000) (I'm sure there was someone at 10,000, too, but damned if I can remember who).

As with all of our milestone guests, the Irish Titanic Googler wins a sense of self-satisfaction and a bright, shiny nickel, should s/he ever reappear to collect it.

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