Friday, August 25, 2006

On asking the right questions

Okay, so over at Sadly, No! we have an article by one Judie Brown, who blames all of society's ills on... something that I haven't really been able to determine from the text of the article, but who goes on to posit that contraception is not the answer.

It really depends, though, on what the question is. If your question is "How is it that I've been trying for months and I just can't get pregnant," it's entirely possible that contraception is the answer. Or, alternately, if the question is "How can I still be intimate with my husband without conceiving a rugrat that we can't afford right now," contraception is a pretty good answer.

But I will concede that there are questions to which contraception is not, in fact, the answer. For instance, Sadly, No! commenter ortho_bob offers the following:

How do you spell phlegm?
What is the capital of Borneo?

I offer, in addition:

What is the fastest land mammal?
When was the original Italian Job released on DVD?
Where is that thing I was holding, you know, the one with the - oh, never mind, found it.
Do you think Idlewild is going to be any good?

What about you? What questions do you have to which contraception is not the answer? What questions do you have that contraception answers quite nicely? I'm thinking that if we can assemble a comprehensive list, we can send it on to Judie Brown and be spared future "kids these days and their rock-and-roll music" screeds.


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