Friday, August 25, 2006

On the Friday grab bag

Okay, so there's an awful lot of quality out there for a Friday. You'd think bloggers would be slacking off in preparation for the weekend (or in recovery from a Thirsty Thursday, in those towns what have 'em), but no, folks are being just as insightful/cute/clever/insert-adjective-here as they are on any, say, Wednesday. Or Tuesday. But probably not a Monday, because those tend to be a bit more bitter and cynical.


- Doug at Hey Jenny Slater shows us how mean it is to pick on Pluto. And on that note: please take a moment to update your mnemonic devices.

- Bill in Portland Maine over at Daily Kos brings us Bruce Schneier's insight on what the terrorists really want, and how we're giving it to them wrapped up with a bow.

- Also courtesy of Bill in Portland Maine, one Lamontian in Connecticut teaches Joe Lieberman the importance of a Web team that's really on the ball. Better luck next time, Joe.

- It's old, but it's still news: Nicole Richie eats something. And the peasants rejoice.

- Courtesy of zuzu at Feministe, the winners of the Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest have been announced. Take a moment to wander through this plenteous pool of poorly penned primary paragraphs.

There you go. Amuse yourselves. Go on! Go! What, am I expected to entertain you? Am I a clown? Am I your mother? Go!

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