Tuesday, August 15, 2006

On why Israel doesn't want Pam either

Okay, so read this gently, when there aren't small children around, and preferably not after a large meal or any amount of alcohol. Wait, no, on second thought, starting with alcohol might be a good idea. Atlas Pam certainly did. And does. And continues to.

I'm not Jewish, and I can't speak for people who are Jewish, but I can say this: If Pam were Catholic, and she was defending some kind of Catholic homeland with the gin-soaked, terrieresque ferocity that she devotes to her defense of Israel, I would be so deeply ashamed. I'm fairly sure I'm not capable of having someone knocked off, but I might consider having her chloroformed and tucked away in a nice closet until the conclusion of the conflict.

Pam, buttercup, baby, what have we learned?

Do better next time.

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