Friday, November 03, 2006

On blogpimping

Okay, so if "blogwhoring" is gratuitously linking to your own blog, then I need to charge Doug 60 percent of the night's take, plus expenses, for what I'm doing now - and I will cut a bitch if he tries to short me.

As a single gal living alone, I generally make some effort to keep my picture off teh Internets, but let's face it: There was no Knocked-Up Britney Spears in all of Southside cuter than me. And Doug made a pretty good Magnum, P.I. (even growing a mustache purely for that purpose; now that's devotion). So shoot on over to Hey Jenny Slater and check out the pictures from our Halloween Trick-or-Drink outing. And before you even ask, yes, Kela has a boyfriend.

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