Thursday, November 02, 2006

On - well, not on staying the course, obviously, but on, y'know, not doing anything differently, because, I mean, why do that?

Okay, so President Constantly-Adjusting-to-Tactics has announced that no matter what, Donald Rumsfeld has a guaranteed job as Secretary of Defense as long as Bush is in office. Bush is, after all, the decider, and we get to live with it. So no matter what he does, no matter what lousy calls he makes, no matter who he listens to or chooses not to listen to, no matter the results of his actions, Rummy is in. Not enough troops to get the job done? Rummy's in. Conflict moving in the direction of chaos? He's in. America actually less, not more, safe from terrorism? In! Pull out of Sadr City with a kidnapped soldier still in the hands of the enemy? In, I said in, son!

I mean, after all, the generals on the ground are in charge.
Rumsfeld is a dick
Won't flow the forces we need
We will be too light.
--Col. Steve Rotkoff

Largely unrelated sidenote: President Bush told Sean Hannity that the worst thing about being President is that the "tone" in Washington "has gotten ugly." He went on to add, "I really don’t think it’s fitting for the president to drag the presidency into that kind of a mudslinging."

Classy. Classy, classy guy.

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