Friday, November 10, 2006

On Nancy Pelosi: This Is Your Soundtrack

Okay, so I promise this'll be the last time I do any kind of actual, overt gloating (in the future, I'll keep it to little hoots of joy when no one's around, and maybe crack that bottle of cheap spumante that's been hiding in the back of my fridge). Three days of celebrating are plenty, after which it's time to pop an Advil, drink a couple of bottles of water, and get down to the real business of governing once again. So this is the last of it.

Woohoo! And, of course, when I say, "Woohoo," I mean "Suck it." Suck it, Ken Mehlman and your predictions; suck it, Karl Rove and your math; suck it, President Bush and your "bipartisanship." That's why this Friday Not-Even-Random Ten goes out, along with a big "Woohoo," to Nancy Pelosi, the first-ever woman Speaker of the House, who knows what needs to be done and wants to do what needs to be done and, moreover, is just a wayward pretzel and a heartbeat away from the presidency. Let's save the country now, shall we?

The Ten:

1. Lenny Kravitz, "American Woman"
2. Velvet Chain, "Strong"
3. Naughty By Nature, "Hip Hop Hooray"
4. The Isley Brothers, "It's Your Thing"
5. Blossom Dearie, "Wait Till You See Her"
6. Kaiser Chiefs, "I Predict a Riot"
7. Gorillaz, "Rock the House"
8. Jeff Buckley, "Hallelujah"
9. The Farm, "All Together Now"
10. Shakira, "Ready for the Good Times"

Aaaaand I'm done. Your Ten (or, as appropriate, Two and a Half) go below.

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