Wednesday, May 30, 2007

On the protracted court battle that would not die

Okay, so reader Jen kindly hooks us up with this little bit of news from Atlanta:
Gwinnett Superior Court Judge Ronnie Batchelor on Tuesday rejected a mother's plea to have the Harry Potter books removed from county school libraries.

Laura Mallory of Loganville lost her argument for judicial relief.

Mallory argues the "Potter" stories are harmful and promote witchcraft and the occult to young people. Supporters of the "Potter" books say they encourage children to read and should be available to all students.

She argued her position for about an hour Tuesday before Batchelor made his ruling.

"I've done the best I can with all of this," Mallory said after the hearing.

This woman has been through her kids' school, her kids' school's appeals committee, the county Board of Education, and the state Board of Education. With this final loss, she has conceded that no one has actually forced her or her children to read the books in question and that perhaps her crusade to parent everyone else's kids by ridding the world of Harry Potter has been a bit of an overreach on her part.

No, I'm totally kidding. She's considering filing a federal lawsuit.

Incidentally, how did I miss the fact that, back in October, she was blaming Harry Potter for the rash of school shootings (which wouldn't have happened if the kids had been reading the Bible instead, she claims)? They were all straight out of Harry Potter and the Crazed Assault, in which he takes over the Gryffindor common room, lines the girls up, and does the Cruciatus Curse before turning his wand on himself.

In a world as confusing and troubling as ours so frequently is, it's nice to know that some people still have their priorities firmly in order.

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