Friday, June 01, 2007

On Friday Random Ten

Okay, so I've pretty much always paid attention to commercials. Since I was a kid, I've always dissected ads and noticed tiny details; that's why I was an advertising major in the first place, it's why I have the job that I do, and it's why Suzuki Man bugs the everliving crap out of me.

The most recent thing that's been bugging me ever-so-slightly is the ad for FemCon, the chewable birth control pill. Now, the average BCP is about half the size of your pinky fingernail, and I've never had trouble dry-swallowing mine when there isn't a cup of coffee or glass of water around, but I appreciate the idea of a pill that you can just chew right up like a Flintstones vitamin. And it's minty!

There's just something about the ad that bugs me, though:

And the third or fourth time it interrupted my morning news, I realized what was bothering me.

Far be it from me to tell another company how to do their advertising, but if your unique selling proposition centers on the fact that you can take Femcon without a beverage close at hand, you might not want to simultaneously demonstrate the fact that, no matter where you are, you're likely to have some kind of beverage close at hand.

Lean on the "mint" angle a little more. That's pretty cool.

Oh, I need a hobby. Here's a Friday Random Ten for you:

1. Les Nubians, "Demain"
2. Patti Labelle, "Lady Marmalade"
3. Bon Jovi, "You Give Love a Bad Name"
4. Franz Schubert, "Standchen" from Schwanengesang
5. Dido, "Aria (Trance 2000 Remix)"
6. Diana Krall, "Popsicle Toes"
7. Franz Schubert, "Lebensmut" from Schwanengesang
8. Dixie Chicks, "Ready to Run"
9. Dave Brubeck, "One Song"
10. Remy Zero, "Belong"

Well, the multiple Schuberts kind of throw the whole "random" thing into question. Your Ten, and the ads that you love (or the ones that bug the crap out of you) go in comments.

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