Friday, June 22, 2007

On Friday Random Ten

Okay, so this bit of David Blaine humor comes to us courtesy of Feministe, courtesy of someone else. If you're at work, you might want to listen with headphones.

And on the "unintentional humor" side of things, this was my favorite comment from the YouTube page:
this isnt really david blaine retard

Noooo?! Well, you could have knocked me right over with a feather.

And now for the Ten:

1. Pet Shop Boys, "Left to My Own Devices"
2. Sarah Vaughan, "What Is This Thing Called Love"
3. Travis, "Side"
4. Garbage, "The Trick Is to Keep Breathing"
5. Black Masses, "Wonderful Person"
6. Pet Shop Boys, "Losing My Mind"
7. Avril Lavigne, "My Happy Ending"
8. U2, "Love Rescue Me"
9. Pet Shop Boys, "KDX 125"
10. Jet, "Look What You've Done"

Josh over at Martians Attacking Indianapolis (and have I mentioned that that's the best blog name ever?) has a theory that one's Friday Random Ten can predict the quality and activities of one's weekend. This weekend, I'll be going to a friend's wedding in Baton Rouge. Judging from my Ten, it looks like I'll be swarmed with adoring guys. Judging from the number of Pet Shop Boys songs, those guys will each and every one of them be gay.

In other words, par for my weekend course.

Your Ten and your weekend plans go in comment.

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