Tuesday, June 26, 2007

On what you, too, can do to deserve a good murderin'

Okay, so I've seen this in a couple of different places, and somehow, it doesn't get any less indefensible the more I read it. From Dan Riehl, who'll get a link from me right after I'm finished flossing with razor wire:
Crime In The Heart-”Sick” Land

Apparently Fox doesn’t want to acknowledge it as they, in an attempted ratings grab, report the murder of Jessie Davis as the second coming of Laci Peterson meets Natalee Holloway, but is anyone else scratching their head as they click past the coverage wondering, what’s wrong with this picture?

You mean, aside from the murdered woman? Wronger than murder?
Any murder is tragic; the murder of a pregnant woman is even more so. And nothing should distract from an expedient investigation and prosecution, or fail to appreciate the family's profound suffering because of this crime. Unfortunately, if this is what constitutes crime in the heartland of America, that heart is very sick and we can only expect more of the same.

"Unfortunately"? Uh-huh. It really sucks, in a most unfortunate way, that... um... murder constitutes crime in the heartland? That's... sick? I'm confused.
From news accounts, Bobby Cutts should not have remained a police officer after providing a firearm to a convicted felon / relative. Only an arbitration proceeding put him back on the force. Ms. Davis was nine months pregnant with a second out of wedlock child from a married man with another family and another child from a third woman who, I suspect, is being generous with the terms model / actress from her now California home. And now apparently there's a girlfriend involved, as well.

So the murderer was a bad guy with questionable character. I'm shocked, I tell you, shocked.
If the news of this crime is of any national significance, it should be because of how it illustrates the decline of our culture and the willingness of some to accept the definition of Father as anyone who manages to send out an occasional support payment, and the definition of lover as anyone who happens to have impregnated someone.

I've no desire to insult the victim or her family and no one should.

Then you might want to stop right there, Danny Boy.
But the sad reality is that Jessie Davis was either the victim of poor self, or impulse control and poor decision-making, perhaps both, long before she became a murder victim. And to suggest that one isn't in any way related to another only endorses the notion that values don't matter. They do. And while Ms. Davis certainly isn't in any way directly responsible for her own death, had she been a bit more responsible with her life, it likely wouldn't have ended in such a tragic crime.

That's right! She made poor decisions, and the result of poor decisions is always a violent death. Jessie Davis was a slut! She had sex, and she wasn't married! Going and getting herself pregnant all by herself without any male assistance whatsoever, she's lucky she didn't get murdered long before now. If only she'd gotten involved with a good, trustworthy man, like a police officer or... something.
Now, her remaining child and all of the other children linked to this crime are victims of a crime far more significant than any one or two murders. They are victims of a culture where nothing much seems to matter anymore, so long as people are free to act or behave on impulse as they wish, with no regard for the consequences. And all Americans suffer as a result of that tragedy.

For shame, Jessie Davis, you shameless whore! Look what you've done to your son by making his father murder you! I mean, the most common cause of death for pregnant women is homicide; you should have known what an irresponsible move you were making when you got pregnant. You owe a debt, The Late Jessie Davis, not just to your son and to his father but to society.

I hope you're happy.
Unfortunately for Ms. Davis and her friends and family, it is the crime beneath the crime we shouldn't simply ignore in this instance.

Of course. I mean, the actual murderer might get punished, or something, but, like, whatever. What we shouldn't forget is that Jessie Davis was a filthy whore who got herself murdered, and that is something that we can never, ever, ever forgive.

Note: More to see over at Sadly, No!, but bring your gag reflex and a bucket, 'cause they've got comments from Emperor Misha's similarly disgusting take on the incident. Jeff at Shakespeare's Sister also bravely waded into that muck heap and came out with a few gagworthy morsels.

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