Monday, January 17, 2011

On Mashup Monday; Quasi-Triumphant Return edition

Okay, so I just got back--just got back--from an open-mic night at a really fun new-ish venue here in town, and the only thing that still sticks in my mind is that during one song, a friend of a friend leaned over and started singing "Smooth Operator" into my ear. And it was. It totally was. For the rest of the song, I kept expecting the guy to bust out with, "Coast to coast, L.A. to Chicago..." Later, said FoF noted that that's one of the worst things that can happen to a songwriter--you're up on stage, and halfway through the song you realize you're actually singing someone else's song. At that point, all you can really do is segue into the other song, pretend it's an homage, and then go back to what you were singing. I don't think this guy realized he'd borrowed from Sade, but I'll never forget it.

Anyway, that's why Sade (via SeƱor Coconut) is sharing screen time with Vanilla Ice. And God bless them both.

Vanilla Ice/Sade - Smooth Operator

My contention is that, in the end, the common musical denominator is "Smells Like Teen Spirit," but that will take further research.

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