Tuesday, April 18, 2006

On cracked ones

Okay, so some conservatives were up in arms over plans for Teh Gays to infiltrate the White House Easter egg roll with all of their icky and threatening happy-family-being. As Americans for Truth President Peter LaBarbera said, "Turning the Easter Egg Roll into a ‘gay’ propaganda exercise represents a new low in the movement for ‘rights’ based on aberrant sex.”

Well, it's a good thing that didn't happen. Instead, our innocent children got exposed to this:

(courtesy of Pandagon)

Pandagon reader Steve, who attended the event with his child, reported the following Christlike behavior:
“The protesters were screaming nasty things over bullhorns. I was leaving when I saw them and took the pic. The straight people who were walking near me were upset at the language they were using, and the inappropriate signage. I told the one guy who looked at me, ‘You should be ashamed of yourself.’ He cursed at me as I was holding my son.”

Where is the "Won't someone think of the children?!" crowd now? Who was it who objected to the politicization of a child's innocent holiday event? Who, do you think, is doing more harm here: the families wearing rainbow leis and rolling Easter eggs, or the people holding signs declaring some child's parents "abominations"? How many parents had to sit down with their kids and explain the concept of "homo sex" who wouldn't have had to do so if all they'd seen was a rainbow lei?

This only supports a theory I've had all along: the people who are currently the most concerned with the state of our children, our culture and our souls are going to be the ones to bring them all down. The Christian Right has already smutted up organized religion by perverting the message of peace and charity. Neocons are fighting to save our children from the dangers of sex by withholding the knowledge (not to mention a vaccination) that would protect them, and they're fighting to stop abortion by withholding birth control and stripping away a woman's control over her own life. And all the while they're whining about their lack of respect and authority and vying for more influence in the legislature, the courts, and the executive branch.

Well, nice going, guys. Good to see you really do care about the kids. Stay classy.

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