Friday, February 09, 2007

On Friday Random Ten

Okay, so two things:

1. Once and for all, pickle, what is "butticide"?

2. This is pretty cool:

(Thanks, Ampersand.)

And the Ten:

1. Kay Starr, "All By Myself"
2. Banx De France, "Sex In A Machine"
3. D'Angelo, "Brown Sugar"
4. Jump, Little Children, "Made It Fine"
5. Gabin, "Doo Uap, Doo Uap, Doo Uap"
6. The Farm, "Groovy Train"
7. Dixie Chicks, "Everybody Knows"
8. Bing Crosby, "Would You Like to Swing on a Star"
9. Tchaikovsky, "Pas d'action - Adagio" (from The Sleeping Beauty)
10. Frank Sinatra, "I've Got a Crush On You"

Taken all together, they mean... I don't even know. Your Ten, your existentialist interpretation of my Ten, your suggested definition for "butticide," all go in comments.

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