Friday, June 03, 2005

On Friday randomness

Okay, so what did Charles Graner say to Lyndie England? "Hey, it's Friday. Let's forget about human rights for a while." And then they did it. But we're not going to have icky redneck sex; we're just going to have our Friday Random Ten.

1. Howie Day, "Ghost (live)"
2. Toad the Wet Sprocket, "All I Want"
3. Hugh Masekela, "Mama"
4. Kay Starr, "Me-Too (Ho-Ho! Ha-Ha!)"
5. Bjork, "Hyperballad"
6. Elvis Presley, "A Little Less Conversation"
7. Mono, "If You Only Knew"
8. Luigi Boccherini, "Concerto in D Major (II), Larghetto"
9. Ben Folds Five, "Evaporated"
10. Frank Sinatra, "Too Marvelous for Words"

Gotta say that Boccherini kind of spoiled the mood for a minute there. Huh. Feel free to throw your own Random Ten in comments.

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