Friday, June 17, 2005

On Friday ten, randomly

Okay, so tops on my iPod today:

1. Kay Star, "I Love Paris"
2. Oasis, "Some Might Say"
3. Abbey Lincoln, "The Nearness of You"
4. Orff, "Carmina Burana"
5. Jet, "Look What You've Done"
6. OutKast, "Bombs Over Baghdad"
7. Kay Starr, "Night Train"
8. Abbey Lincoln, "Time After Time"
9. Frank Sinatra, "Nancy (With a Laughing Face)"
10. BDF, "Diner Dans Le Dessert"

Okay, random my preternaturally toned pink behind. Seven days' worth of music on my iPod, and I get jazz, jazz, SATAN, jazz, jazz, jazz, cabaret jazz?

An experiment to try at your own office: put the Carmina Burana on your speakers at your desk and count the number of strange looks you get. I got five before mercifully hitting "skip."

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