Thursday, June 09, 2005

On a mini-hiatus

Okay, so my regularly scheduled craziness at work has picked up, which will keep me out of blogging comission at least through Monday, if not Wednesday. I'll do what I can to jump on the computer every once in a while, but if I don't, it's 'cause I'm downtown trying to wring interviews out of the reluctant and inarticulate. Fun!

Oh, and I wanted to clarify something, in case anyone was confused - yes, I am, according to my college diploma and the Atlanta Press Club, a journalist, but this blog is no more a source of accurate and hard-hitting news than Cosmo is a source of fashion tips (just trust me on this one). You'll find here my opinions, written at length, and for my own amusement (although I'm always stoked by the prospect of amusing others). I try to stick pretty close to the f'real truth but have no problem easing away from that slightly if giggles can ensue. Reader bewarre.

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